Language of the Street 2020

90-second animated short discussing the value of street-style over industry-dictated fashion trends. I wrote, illustrated and animated this short film.

Music: "We Share Our Mother's Health" — The Knife

When you find yourself being critical of what someone else is wearing, remember that your style choices exist in a dialogue with theirs, and in fact, the whole world’s. Without all of those other voices and sounds, your choices would exist in a vacuum, silent and mute.

Clothing is a conversation and style is the language of the street. Italian designer Miuccia Prada calls fashion an instant language— a powerful instrument that gives you access, lets you tap in people, transmit ideas and shape opinions. French philosopher Gilles Lipovetsky agrees. He insists on the cultural importance of individual style and the playfulness of seeing and being seen. He describes the defining feature of the modern fashion system as individual, aesthetic autonomy.

Bu if you don’t want to get lost in the engine of hyper consumption, learn to make one huge distinction, that between the fashion industrial complex and personal style as self-expression. Throw out the rule book, take inspiration from the street, not the runway. Listen, and participate in the whole conversation.

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Characters and assets of Language of the Street