Moody Fleurs 2020

Does Lockdown have you hissing with rage? Or maybe your natural introversion makes you excited and curious about the downtime and lack of social pressure?

Moody Fleurs is an ongoing series documenting the various and unique individual responses to the isolation of the global pandemic.

Pandemic response part 1 
chaos reigns

In the begining, there was shock & rage. 
Anxiousness, aggression, a collective hiss....

Pandemic response part 2
a playful curiousity

By Summer 2020, it felt like the world was going to be on pause indefinitely—which perhaps wasn’t such a bad thing?    I think for many, there was glimpse of positivity. A time to slow down, reset, recalibrate

Pandemic response part 3
suspended in stupor, an amniotic stillness

By Winter 2020, I felt suspended in slime, half frozen, brow beat, semi-conscious

I think it’s called “Languishing”

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