Projects with Schoolhouse 2018-2020

While working as an in-house graphic designer at Schoolhouse, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the marketing and product development teams to create product packaging, retail signage, web design, social media assets and internal collateral.

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Iris Lamp Packaging 2019

For the Fall 2019 launch of the new Iris Lamp, we needed packaging that was minimal, environmentally friendly and cost-effective, while still sitting with the existing packaging and celebrating the elliptical nature of the new lamp. The solution was a black and white, uniquely shaped illustrative label that allowed room for stamping the product’s color combination.


Safety Matches 2019

Schoolhouse wanted to offer a high-quality line of 4-inch wooden safety matches to pair with their candles and incense offerings. Inspired by vintage and utilitarian hardware packages from early 20th century, we developed a unique matchbox design that fit within the brand’s existing visual language. 

404 Page Design 2019

Re-design of the 404 page, which was previously a web default page that had not been considered on a brand level. Using product photography of the Schoolhouse Flip Clock, we developed a new 404 page that fit within the website’s current design but felt fun and a little cheeky.